Learn how 2-10 trang chủ Buyers Warranty stacks up to others in the industry by reading this 2-10 home warranty review.


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2-10 home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW) has covered more than six million homes across the nation và provides plans for homeowners, real estate agents, and trang chủ builders.

In this 2-10 home warranty review, we take an in-depth look at the company’s coverage, plans, pricing, và customer reviews. Since different homeowners have different needs, we recommend getting quotes from several of the best home warranty companies so you can find the right home warranty for you.

✔ 38 years of experience✔ Provides specific coverage for trang chủ buyers, sellers, home builders, and real estate agents✔ Offers 24/7 emergency services

✘ Not available in Alaska, Hawaii, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakato, Wisconsin, or Wyoming✘ Has limited in-network contractor availability

2-10 HBW offers three home warranty coverage plans for homeowners, ranging from basic protection khổng lồ comprehensive coverage: Pinnacle Home, Complete Home, and Simply Kitchen.

Plan Coverage Comparison

thành công Simply Kitchen Complete home Pinnacle trang chủ tòa tháp Simply Kitchen Complete home Pinnacle trang chủ
Even-If Service Fee Guarantee
Appliance Discount Program
Applaince color Match
Appliance Replacement Offer
Refrigerator (w/ Ice Maker/Crusher)
Built-in Microwave
Heating System -
Air Conditioning và Heat Pump -
Thermostats (All Types) -
Pipe Leaks or Breaks -
Drain Line Stoppages -
Water Heater -
Toilets -
Sump Pump -
Valves -
Pressure Regulators -
Electrical Wiring -
Switches -
Outlets -
Panels -
Doorbell - -
Haul Away/Disposal Fees - -
Filters - -
Refrigerated Recovery & Recharge - -
Crane Cost - -
Burglar và Fire Alarms - -
Attic và Bathroom Exhaust Fans - -
Concrete Encased/Concealed Wiring - -
Interior & Exterior Hose Bibs - -
Polybutylene & PEX Plumbing Systems - -
Concrete Encased/Concealed Plumbing - -

Optional Coverage

Optional-add on coverage can be purchased at an additional cost:

Appliances: Washer, dryer, garage door opener, additional refrigeration, additional wet bar refrigerator, garage door opener, additional wine cooler, additional freestanding freezerSystems: Plumbing, electrical, pre-season HVAC tune-up, HVAC surplus, septicLeaks: Extended pipe leak, roof leakWater: Well pump, pool/spa equipment, water softenerLuxury Package

2-10 home Buyers Warranty plans start as low as $22 a month. Home warranty pricing will depend on where you live, the protection plan you choose, & how many add-ons you include in your coverage.

Plan Pricing Comparison

Cost Simply KItchen Complete trang chủ Pinnacle trang chủ Cost Simply KItchen Complete trang chủ Pinnacle home
Monthly $22 per month $51 per month $60 per month

*The plan costs above are for a home in Houston, Texas.

Service Fee: $65–$100“Even If” Guarantee: If you request service và pay a service fee & the technician determines your request isn’t eligible for coverage, the company will refund your service fee upon request.
To obtain a customized quote on a 2-10 trang chủ warranty, fill out this short khung on the company"s trang web or call 855-498-4719.

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2-10 trang chủ Buyers Warranty has a B rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). While most review are positive, even the best trang chủ warranty companies have negative reviews.

If you’re still unsure about 2-10 HBW, compare the company against American trang chủ Shield and First American trang chủ Warranty. You can also get a không tính phí quote from each company lớn ensure you’re signing up for the best plan for you & your home.

Compare home Warranty Providers

Provider 2-10 home Buyers Warranty American home Shield First American home Warranty Provider 2-10 trang chủ Buyers Warranty American trang chủ Shield First American trang chủ Warranty
Get a miễn phí quote Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site
Number of plans 3 + optional add-ons 3 + optional add-ons 2 + optional add-ons
Price per month $22–$60 $30–$75 $37–$50
Service fee $65–$100 $75–$125 $75
Additional benefits Provides a trang chủ builder warranty Saves real estate agents money when they buy trang chủ warranties for multiple properties Provides coverage of improperly installed or maintained appliances & systems

The This Old House đánh giá Team rated 2-10 trang chủ Buyers Warranty 9.2/10. This company has been in the industry for decades, making it one of the oldest trang chủ warranty companies around.

Additionally, it offers an Even If Service Fee Guarantee—a unique value prop that other trang chủ warranty companies don’t offer. With this guarantee, if you request service và 2-10 HBW sends a technician lớn your home and finds that the cống phẩm in question isn’t covered, you can get a service fee refund. You also only have to lớn pay a service fee for a specific issue one time instead of paying a service fee every time that same appliance or system breaks down.

To ensure you find the best plan for your home, we recommend also getting quotes from vị trí cao nhất companies lượt thích American home Shield & Choice trang chủ Warranty.

Company name: 2-10 trang chủ Buyers WarrantyCEO: Scott CromieYears in business: 38Address: 13900 East Harvard AvenueCity/State: Aurora, COZip code: 80014BBB rating: BBBB reviews: 506

How does 2-10 home Buyers Warranty work?

When a covered thành công breaks down due to normal wear & tear, hotline 2-10 HBW to tệp tin a claim or submit a service request online. 2-10 HBW accepts claims 24/7 by phone & through their website.

The 2-10 HBW team will call a contractor and have them dispatched khổng lồ your home within 48 hours of your service request to lớn fix the problem. If there are no approved contractors in the area, 2-10 HBW will allow customers khổng lồ choose their own contractor to lớn complete the work.

When the contractor arrives at your home, customers will pay a service fee. The contractor will determine if a repair or replacement needs khổng lồ be made & perform the necessary repairs.

Can I transfer my trang chủ warranty with 2-10 trang chủ Buyers Warranty?

Yes, if you’re selling your house you can transfer your trang chủ warranty lớn the new owners. Simply notify 2-10 HBW of the transfer and the company will get it switched over without a fee. The new homeowners will be protected for the remainder of the original term and have the option to renew at the over of the contract.

What is a structural warranty?

A structural warranty is different from a home warranty in that it provides coverage for a home’s workmanship, distribution systems, and load-bearing components. It’s a great choice for those who are building their home or remodeling.

How long does a 2-10 home warranty last for?

Systems & appliances trang chủ warranties will last for a year. A structural warranty will provide one year of coverage for workmanship, two years of coverage for distribution systems, & 10 years of coverage for qualifying structural defects on newly constructed homes.

When does 2-10 trang chủ Buyers Warranty coverage begin?

2-10 HBW coverage is effective after 30 days. Customers who want to lớn cancel can vì so within 30 days of signing up and get a full refund.

Is a 2-10 home warranty worth it?

If you’re building your own house or just want extra protection for your trang chủ systems and appliances, 2-10 trang chủ Buyers Warranty is a good idea. If an important item like your air conditioner or refrigerator breaks down, a home warranty can provide peace of mind và protect you from paying expensive, out-of-pocket costs.

Our Rating Methodology

The This Old House nhận xét Team is committed to lớn providing comprehensive and unbiased review to our readers. This means earning your trust through transparency và having the data to back up our ratings và recommendations. Our rating system for trang chủ warranty providers is on a 100-point scale based on seven factors:

Plan options (25)Coverage specifics (5)Pricing (25)Trustworthiness (25)State availability (5)Customer service (10)Additional benefits (5)

Our reviews Team reviewed 45 companies & we have a full-time researcher who collects (and regularly updates) more than 100 specific data points from each company to lớn help us compare them on key factors such as coverage, cost, service, và dependability. Read more on our methodology here.

To cốt truyện feedback or ask a question about this article, send a cảnh báo to our đánh giá Team at reviews

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