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What is the property that tells us $arcsin(-x) = -arcsin(x)$ ?

I"ve also seen in an exercise that : $arcsin (sin(2x)) = 2x ~~$ if $x inleft<0,fracpi4 ight>$

And what about: $arcsin(sin(2x)) = pi - 2x ~~$ if $x in left>fracpi4,fracpi2 ight>$?

What justifies these relations?



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$sin(arcsin(-x))=-x, sin(-arcsin(x))=-sin(arcsin(x))=-x$, since $sin:<-pi/2,pi/2> ightarrow <-1,1>$ is the inverse of $arcsin$ we deduce that $arcsin(-x)=-arcsin(x)$ since the restriction of $sin$ on $<-pi/2,pi/2>$ is injective.

If $xin , 2xin $ and $pi-2xin <0,pi/2>$, since$sin(pi-2x)=sin(2x)$ và $sin$ is the inverse of $arcsin:<-1,1> ightarrow <-pi/2,pi/2>$, we deduce that $pi-2x$ is the unique element of $<-pi/2,pi/2>$ such that $sin(pi-2x)=sin(2x)$ & $arcsin(2x)=pi-2x$.

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We can also write:$$sin(x) = frace^ix-e^-ix2i$$So, if you"re more familiar with the exponential function, it can b easier to lớn derive identities with this.


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