a small amount of food on a hook (= curved piece of wire) or in a special device used khổng lồ attract & catch a fish or animal:

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I told my sister I"d lend her my new shirt if she let me borrow her jacket, but she didn"t take the bait.

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to put food on a hook (= curved piece of wire) or in a special device to attract và catch a fish or animal:
Lawyers making the investment offering will find out today whether someone is ready to take the bait.
The species responding to lớn baits represent a relatively small sample of the meliponine guild, & may be biased to include foraging generalists, rather than specialists.
lớn keep seed availability roughly constant throughout our experiments, baits were replenished when necessary.
The highest values for mean species richness, percentage of baits attacked and intensities of attack, all occurred during the transitional season.
Marked diaspores were mix out at 06h00 (day) and at 18h00 (night) at baiting stations on the forest floor, protected by wire cages.
Untreated control: natural baits without the application of any substance, và placed on unprotected plants.
The frequency of captured a nd non-captured larvae or baits in each bioassay were compared as in the ant experiments.
The use of relatively small baits ensured that competition would have occurred even at low beetle densities.
Further examination of species distributions on baits in a plot during a single observation, however, provides evidence of mild interspecific interaction.
No direct relationships were noted between rainfall recorded at the sites và species richness, frequency and intensity of attack on baits.
Examination of baits may disrupt termite foraging for some period because the anchoring wire & planter bag must be removed for inspection.
The five baits inspected at any given census were randomly selected from those baits that had not been previously examined.
Simple linear regressions were also used to test for relationships between rainfall & mean species richness, percentage of baits attacked, intensities of attack.
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