(2) : shunt sense 1c also : a surgical procedure for the establishment of a shunt have a coronary bypass

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Noun The bridge is being rebuilt so we"ll have khổng lồ take the bypass. Verb to lớn bypass the city, take the highway that circles it. Is there a way to lớn bypass the bridge construction? He bypassed the manager và talked directly to lớn the owner. She managed to lớn bypass the usual paperwork.

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al.com, al, 28 Jan. 2022 The General Assembly has rejected numerous attempts khổng lồ allow Tesla và other electric vehicle manufacturers lớn sell directly lớn the consumer & bypass dealerships. — Stephen Singer, courant.com, 24 Jan. 2022 Recent Examples on the Web: Verb That plan — under which Georgia residents would bypass healthcare.gov and cửa hàng for federally subsidized health insurance through private agents — was also approved by the Trump administration. — Sudhin Thanawala, ajc, 24 Dec. 2021 Gazprom has decreased exports to Europe, leading some to lớn speculate that Russia is looking khổng lồ pressure Germany khổng lồ certify its Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which would bypass Ukraine và send gas west, across the Baltic Sea. — Rob Nikolewski, San Diego Union-Tribune, 8 Oct. 2021 But starting almost two decades ago, Russia began planning new routes that would bypass Ukraine, where political developments were taking what Moscow perceived as an anti-Russia turn, especially after the 2004 Orange Revolution. — Fred Weir, The Christian Science Monitor, 5 Aug. 2021 Telegram forums have lit up with offers of sauces và software that sellers claim can bypass ID.me. — Cezary Podkul, ProPublica, 26 July 2021 Current law states that only emergencies that involve danger of death or serious injury can bypass an approval process by the board. — Mallory Moench, San Francisco Chronicle, 2 Mar. 2022 Domestic passengers arriving in Hawaii after the program ends won"t need khổng lồ follow earlier regulations, like showing proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 thử nghiệm to bypass quarantine, according to Gov. David Ige. — Paradise Afshar and Travis Caldwell, CNN, 1 Mar. 2022 Nord Stream 2 was built lớn bypass Ukraine, in a move designed by Russia to showroom economic pressure khổng lồ the country following a partial invasion of the country’s east in 2014. — Chris Stokel-walker, Wired, 25 Feb. 2022 Children ages 5 and up must also show proof of vaccination or a negative chạy thử to bypass quarantine, while those between 2 and 4 only need khổng lồ show a negative chạy thử result. — Washington Post, 16 Feb. 2022 See More

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