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Đề đánh giá 45 phút giờ đồng hồ anh 10 học kì 2 (Unit 9,10,11)

Đề 1 (Unit 9, 10, 11)

Choose the word whose underlined part is different from the rest:

1. A. Dear b. Here c. Near d. Where

2. A. Nationalb. Question c. Populationd. Station

3. A. Disease b. Spread c. Breed d. Treat

4. A. Polluteb. Species c. Accept d. Receipt

5. A. Pair b. Raise c. Upstairsd. Chair

Choose one word or phrase - a, b, c or d - that best completes the sentence or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase:

6. Whales feed on krill.

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a. Very small creatures b. Small fish

c. Sea plants d. Small animals

7. ____________ is a chemical used for killing weeds.

a. Pesticide b. Herbicidec. Fertilizerd. Antibiotic

8. Sperm whale population are at risk due khổng lồ hunting.

a. In extinction b. In danger

c. On the decrease d. In fewness

9. What would Tom do if he ______ the truth?a. Would know b. Has knowc. Knows d. Knew

10. _____________ you, I would think twice about that decision. It could be a bad move.

a. If I am b. Should I be

c. Were I d. If I had been

11. Water can be held on the land by vegetation.

a. Plants used as food b. Grown trees

c. The growth of plants d. Plants và trees

12. An announcement about the eight o"clock flight to lớn Chicago ________.

a. Has been already made b. Has already made

c. Has already been made d. Already made

13. Many reliable methods of storing information ___________when computers arrived.

a. Tend forgotten b. Tend lớn forget

c. Tend khổng lồ be forgotten d. Tend being forgotten

14. This park is the orphanage where lots of orphaned và abandoned animals are taken care of.

a. Looked after b. Involved in

c. Dealt with d. Moved in

15. ___________ resigned, we would have been forced lớn sack him.

a. Had he not b. Hadn"t he

c. He had not d. He not had

Choose the words or phrases that best complete this passage:

Conservation is the safeguarding và (16)__________ of natural resources, so that they can continue (17)________ and enjoyed. In the past, most people believed that the world"s (18)________ could never be used up. Today, we know that is not true. An important part of conservation is the prevention of waste - waste of forests, soil, wild-life, minerals và human lives. As important is the fight (19)_______ pollution of our (20)__________, in particular, the dirtying và poisoning of air và (21)________. Conservation is also concerned with the reclaiming of land by irrigating deserts, draining swamps or pushing back the sea.

16. A. Destruction B. PreservationC. Circulation D. Damage

17. A. Lớn use B. To be used C. Be used D. Used

18. A. Resources B. Supplies C. Gases D. Property

19. A. For B. Against C. To lớn D. On

20. A. Neighborhood B. SurroundingsC. EnvironmentD. Earth

21. A. Water B. Smoke C. Cloud D. Wind

Read the passage, then choose the correct answer:

Most people are afraid of sharks, but they usually vì not know very much about them. There are more than 350 kinds of sharks, & all of them are meat eaters. Sharks are useful because they eat sick fish & keep the oceans clean. Sharks do not have ears. However, they can "hear" sounds and movements in the water. Any sound or movement makes the water vibrate. Sharks can feel these vibrations, which help them find food. They also use their large eyes lớn find food. Most sharks see best in dim light. They often hunt for food at dawn, in the evening, or in the middle of the night. Scientists want to lớn learn more about sharks for several reasons. For example, cancer is common in many animals, especially in people. However, it is rare in sharks. Scientists want khổng lồ find out why sharks almost never get cancer. Maybe this information can help people prevent cancer too.

22. According khổng lồ the passage, sharks are useful because _________.

A. They are very big B. They clean the oceans

C. They are meat eaters D. They eat fish

23. Sharks can find food because they can ____________________.

A. Feel vibrations & hear with their ears

B. See with their eyes and hear with their ears

C. Feel vibrations và see with their large eyes

D. Hear very well with their large ears

24. Most sharks hunt for food at night because __________________.

A. They see best in dim light

B. They are hungry at night

C. There is more food then

D. Other fish are sleeping

25. According lớn the passage, research on sharks may help _______________.

A. People know how khổng lồ prevent cancer

B. Animals prevent cancer

C. People find a cure for AIDS

D. Sharks live longer

Find the one mistake (A, B, C or D) in these sentences:


Rewrite each of these sentences without changing its original meaning:

31. I had a bad headache yesterday so I didn’t go to school.

If I _____________________________________________________.

32. The scientists are studying the problem carefully.

The problem ______________________________________________.

33. Somebody had already reported the accident before I phoned.

The accident ______________________________________________.

34. These students should have finished the tasks by the time their teacher came back.

The tasks _________________________________________________.

Đáp án

CâuGhi chúCâuGhi chúCâuGhi chú
1. D /eə/ còn lại: /ɪə/ 13. C tend to lớn V: gồm khuynh hướng 25. A “Scientists want to find out why sharks almost never get cancer. Maybe this information can help people prevent cancer too.”
2. B /ˈkwestʃən/ 14. A look after = take care of 26. B has passed => has been passed
3. B /e/ còn lại: /i:/ 15. A Had he not = If he hadn’t (cấu trúc đảo) 27. A was => has been
4. D Âm /p/ câm 16. B preservation: sự bảo tồn 28. B spend => spend
5. B /eɪ/ còn lại: /eə/ 17. B continue lớn V: liên tục làm gì 19. B will => won’t (unless = If … not)
6. A krill: chủng loại nhuyễn thể nhưng cá voi ăn 18. A 30. C don’t know => would not have known
7. B herbicide: thuốc khử cỏ 19. B the fight against: trận chiến chống lại …
8. B at risk ~ in danger 20. C 32. The problem is being studied carefully by the scientist.
9. D 21. A 33. The accident had already been reported before I phoned.

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10. B Should I be you = If I were you (cấu trúc đảo) 22. B “Sharks are useful because they eat sick fish & keep the oceans clean.” 34. The tasks should have been finished by these students by the time their teacher came back.
11. D vegetation: cây cỏ, cây cối 23. C “Sharks can feel these vibrations, which help them find food. They also use their large eyes khổng lồ find food.”
12. C 24. A “Most sharks see best in dim light.”