In this competitive world with innumerable marketing and advertising mediums and powerful marketing campaigns, you’ve got to communicate a consistent marketing message using a 360-degree approach lớn strengthen your position in the market và have an impact on your prospective as well as existing customers.

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Here’s a guide on integrated kinh doanh communication lớn help you move forward with this approach.

What Is Integrated kinh doanh Communication?

Integrated kinh doanh Communications (IMC) is a concept under which a company carefully integrates và coordinates its many communications channels to deliver a clear & consistent message. It aims to ensure the consistency of the message & the complementary use of media.

IMC is an integration of all sale tools, approaches and resources within a company which maximizes impact on the consumer mind resulting in maximum profit at minimum cost.

It uses several innovative ways to lớn ensure that the customer gets the right message at the right place and right time.

IMC Tools

The eight major Integrated kinh doanh Communication tools are as follows:-


Advertising refers to lớn any paid form of non-personal promotion of products or services by an identified sponsor. The various truyền thông used are print (newspapers & magazines), broadcast (radio & television), network (satellite, wireless and telephone), electronic (web page, audio & videotape) và display (billboards, signs & posters).

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The primary advantage of advertising is that it reaches geographically dispersed consumers. Consumers generally tend khổng lồ believe that a heavily advertised brand must offer some ‘good value’ but at the same time, advertising proves to lớn be an expensive form of promotion.


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