in the formula, V= kq/r, what is k, q and r . Pls explain where and why is this formula usd & show the derivation too!!!!!! Pls!!!!!



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vikas askiitian expert

V = potential at any point ...

V = kq/r

another definition => workdone in bringing +ve kiểm tra charge(q=1) from infinity lớn a point which is at a distance r , near a charge q ...

F = k(q)(qo)/r2 (from culambs law)

qo is +ve test charge , F is force bw test charge & q charge...

F = -dU/dr

dU/dr = -F = -kqqo/r2

dU = -kqqo(1/r2)dr lim from infinity khổng lồ r

U = -kqqo(-1/r) lim infinity to r < (1/r2)dr = -1/r >

U = kqqo/r (qo = 1)

so , U = kq/r

here K is columbs constant , k = 9*109units , q is charge ...

this is the required result...

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vikas askiitian expert
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11 years ago

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