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The myTouchSmart Smart Switch phầm mềm is simple khổng lồ set up, program & control devices in your trang chủ or office.Set up your smart switch in 4 simple steps to lớn get started – 1. Setup account 2. Link with router 3. Find device 4. Mix programAdd additional devices by pushing one button and never leave the app! set up Groups lớn make it easier to program multiple devices at one time. SunSmart giải pháp công nghệ allows you to set the smart device lớn follow the sun with the push of a button. Full 24 hour countdown options. Works with Google trang chủ and Amazon Alexa controls.

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Removed app today

Upgraded to lớn a new router and could not get the outdoor plug in switch to connect . Yes it’s a 2.4, first it wouldn’t find the hàng hóa , so I tried the manual option, and it connects to the WiFi but it failed repeatedly to do the final step . Called support and her answer was it must be the router will little help to lớn troubleshoot . Bought a new sản phẩm from another company , downloaded the app & connected with no issues. Threw the switch in the trash và removed this app due lớn lack of tư vấn .

Awesome Product!!!!

I bought 2 of the công nghệ bluetooth wall plug ins 6 months ago và they worked great with the app và were so easy khổng lồ set up. I then went & bought two more. I was able lớn set up và pair with the tiện ích in no time, like no more than 5 minutes for each plug in. I’ve read a lot of the đánh giá here but cannot relate to any of the problems others may have had. These are not complicated devises lớn set up. I took a couple out of state trips up North, & I was able khổng lồ turn my lights on và off. I have a công nghệ bluetooth không dây camera at trang chủ and was able lớn watch the lights turn on and off just as if I were there in my house. I wasn’t sure if it would work being more than 1350 miles away, they worked great! I was able to lớn program each GE plug in to lớn what ever time I wanted. I now use the dawn lớn dusk option on the app. I never come home to a dark house anymore. I highly recommend this hàng hóa to anyone. Kudos lớn the tiện ích developers! So easy to use và set up. Maybe because I don’t use Alexa I did not encounter the problems others have shared.

cảm ứng Smart plugs switches outdoor plug ins.

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After getting each unit to sink up with the proper WiFi I love them. However it was not an easy task on any one of the Four that I have. I finally found the exact spot outdoors khổng lồ synchronize them to my phone after the Third unit. I have a dual router which made it a problem but I think most people have both types of WiFi. I need lớn stand on the north east corner of my house on the outside facing the house and not with my back khổng lồ the house. The firm ware update was another thing. A few directions would have helped. It wasn’t until about the fifth try that I noticed that you could only vị one of the plugs or switches at a time. The two screens looked a lot alike so I only was looking at the update button which didn’t turn hot until I tapped on only one of the items. Oh well. All is now fine và I love the products now that they all work. Thanks for a great product. I am tech savvy. How vì the ordinary folks get these items hooked up?

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