(eginarrayl CH_3CN + 4H oversetNa/C_2H_5OH ightarrow CH_3CH_2NH_2endarray )

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This reaction is known as Mendius reaction.

In thisreaction an organic nitrile is reduced by nascent hydrogen in presence of sodium in ethanol to size a primary amine.


Which of the following compounds has zero dipole moment? (A) 1,4−dichlorobenzene (B) 1,2−dichlor...In which of the following, functional group isomerism is not possible? A.Alcohols B.Aldehyde C.Alkyl...Hybridisation of C2 và C3 of H3C−CH=C=CH−CH3 are (A)- sp,sp3 (B)- sp2,sp (C)- sp2,sp2 (D)- sp,s...t2 C. T1=t2">In an imaginary atmosphere, the air exerts a small force F on any particle in the direction of the p...Which of the following has the highest nucleophilicity? A.F− B.OH− C.CH3− D.NH2−P4O6 reacts with water to give:Does ozone have coordinate bond?Which of the following molecules have zero dipole moment & tetrahedral structure? (A) CCl4 (B) SnC...2(g) + O2 ⇌ 2N2O(g) If a mixture of 0.482 mole ofN2 and 0.933 mole of O2 is placed in a reaction vessel of volume 10 litre & allowed to form at a temperature for which KC = 2.0 x 10-37 litre mol-1 . Determine the composition of the equilibrium mixture."> Reaction between nitrogen & oxygen takes place as following: 2N2(g) + O2 ⇌...+6 B) Cr(CO)6 C) V (CO)−6 D) Fe(CO)5">Which of the following carbonyls will have the strongest C−O bond? A) Mn(CO)+6 B) Cr(C...Binary liquid mixture will show negative deviation from raoult’s law. ExplainA brown ring is formed in the ring test for NO3- ion. It is due to the formation of:Which of the following is a chain growth polymer? A.) Teflon B.) Nylon-6,6 C.) Nylon-6 D.) NoneWhich alcohol produces turbidity with lucas reagent most slowly?Which process can purify the impure sample of potash alum?Mond process is used for refining of?Alkyl halides are immiscible in water though they are polar because?The boiling point of an azeotropic mixture of water & ethyl alcohol is less than that of the theor...Which of the following are the characteristics of isotopes of an element? (i) isotopes of an element...75.2 g of C6H5OH (Phenol) is dissolved in a solvent of Kf = 14 , If the depression in freezing point...

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