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Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition
4.1 and up
Unlimited Money/Speed
July 9, 2022



Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition MOD game android is a modified version of the original Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition, this original released by NEKKI and MODDED by inthepasttoys.net.Pro. You can use the gian lận version of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition with Unlimited Money/Speed features for a better experience than the original version. Our android MOD files are all safe and have the fastest download speeds available today.

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If you lượt thích this Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition hack version, don"t forget to giới thiệu it with your friends. This version has been rated 4/5 stars by many users. Remember, inthepasttoys.net.Pro is a website that provides không lấy phí premium apps và game mods for you! Here are detailed features of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition game android MOD.

Features of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition hack APK

Download Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition MOD apk to your device, you will experience thủ thuật features such as Unlimited Money, Unlimited Diamonds, Unlock Levels, Unlock Skins,...


Unlimited Money.Unlimited Gems.Unlimited Diamonds.Unlocked Characters.High Dame.Onehit.God Mode.
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Introduct about Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition (SF 2 SE) – When it comes to lớn fighting games on the market, many of us will often refer to popular titles lượt thích Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter. Of course, these are all attractive games that have been in the history of fighting games, but in this article, I will come lớn a fighting trò chơi that is considered the most attractive và famous on the phone – Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition version in that time. Developed by Nekki, Shadow Fight 2 has collected more than 100 million downloads & has been rated 5 stars by about 12 million players worldwide on the Google Play store. It can be said with this figure, it is difficult for any fighting trò chơi on the phone to surpass the Shadow Fight.

Story of an intensive character

In the game, players will transform into an ancient legendary warrior, a person who has never lost any battle in his life of war. He went everywhere, trying khổng lồ find himself an opponent, a difficult challenge that made me find a sense of satisfaction when fighting. Và then one day, he found Gate Of Shadows, the thin line between the human world and the dark world. By all the arrogance of a legendary warrior, he broke the law and broke the seal of the door. Suddenly, a tremendous flow of magic energy flowed from the door, causing his entire toàn thân to vanish, leaving only the shadow of TiTan. At the same time, the forces of darkness are also released, lớn find himself, he must embark on a dangerous journey to lớn conquer, defeat all enemies and seal that door forever. In the Special Edition version, you will have memorable battles with the new, stronger TiTan. The world needs a strong warrior to save them from the darkness of oppression, join the Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition khổng lồ have the opportunity to lớn experience great martial arts battles.

Gameplay and Features

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition is an ARPG with a traditional but extremely addictive face2face fighting inspired by the once-famous games like Tekken and Mortal Kombat. You will use the D-Pad control panel available on the screen lớn move, basic attacks (including punches, kicks, jumps, special moves) or advanced with dozens of moves, full bộ by connecting keystrokes smoothly và smoothly. Besides, “SF 2” with the “Special Edition” also gives you a diverse system of deadly weapons khổng lồ cater khổng lồ your own fighting style. In the “SF 2 SE” version, the “Nekki” quảng cáo online also gives you many other perks. After spending a small amount (about 5 USD), no ads will appear or hinder you in the process of conquering the game. Moreover, the Player will no longer have the energy recovery process. Now, you can plunge into any battle, at any time or anywhere. Whenever you have không tính tiền time, you can turn on your phone và enjoy the great fighting moments as long as you lượt thích if you have time. However, I vày not encourage you to do this all day because after all, the phone also needs time to lớn rest.

The secrets of the truth behind Sensei’s backstory will now be exposed by Nekki during the game, these things are not mentioned before. Collect as many gems as possible through each battle, thereby equipping the warrior with a variety of weapons and armor. The better the armor, the stronger the weapon, the better the fighting ability, the greater the chance of winning. In addition, the plot system will be spread over 7 different chapters spread throughout the map. Lead TiTan warriors lớn defeat all evil characters from the dark world, thereby reaffirming the inherent confidence & arrogance of a warrior without fear of hardship.

The basic control functions have been designed lớn better suit the cảm biến screen. The promise of a smoother và more controllable player, but to master the in-game skill system, is a completely different story. Animations still achieve the inherent flexibility, in-game moves will be improved lớn bring more excitement to the player than the usual Shadow Fight 2 version.

Challenges and game modes

The game consists of 5 different difficulty levels for you lớn choose from before the battle including Easy (blue), Medium (yellow), Hard (orange), Insane (red) và Impossible (purple). In particular, when in Hard mode, you just need to try a little to lớn still win, only the màn chơi of Insane và the màn chơi of Impossible lớn bring an extremely high level of the challenge requires you khổng lồ have a certain static and extremely skilled fighting ability have the chance lớn pass it.

Besides, Shadow Fight 2 or SE will go through 2 main và secondary modes. In the main mode, you will meet a maximum of 7 different bosses corresponding lớn 7 chapters in the story. Each boss has 5 bodyguards when defeating all 5, you will be able to challenge him. Because they are very strong & the difficulty will increase gradually according to lớn the story. It is indispensable khổng lồ equip yourself with powerful skills and weapons. The secondary mode is only a mode lớn help you earn money lớn buy equipment and improve skills. Finally, it can be said, Shadow Fight 2 SE caused waves due lớn the complex và beautiful skill system. Besides the weapons system and complex movements also gave gamers a high-end experience not lớn be lost. What about the high-profile fighting games, the game has received a lot of positive review and comments from the world’s gaming community and even technology-intensive websites.

How khổng lồ install Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition apk 2.18.0 (MOD Unlimited Money/Speed)?

tải về the tệp tin Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition_MOD_2.18.0.apk. On your apk phone, open the downloaded file Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition_MOD_2.18.0.apk. Tap Install. Follow the steps on the screen.

After the installation is complete, you can open the application & experience as usual.

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Note: Before installing Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition android Mod, you need to uninstall the original version or another thủ thuật version.