Reading book is my passion. I have recently reada book named "Pather Panchali". It was written by famous writerBibhutibhusan Bandopadhyay. The novel is about a little village boy named Apu.The main characters of the book are Apu, Durga, Harihar & Sarbajaya. Hariharand Sarbajaya, a rustic couple, spent their days in a miserable

distress. Butthey dreamt of a rosy future. Apu & Durga are their children. Durga died apremature death. It was a great shock khổng lồ the family. One cannot shed tears whenone reads about the death of Apu" s dearest sister Durga. The novel gives us avery living picture of the beauty of a remote village in Bengal. The storyreminds us of the hardship of the thousands of poor & helpless people of ourcountry. Really it is an immortal creation of Bibhutibhusan Bandyopadhya.

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A Book I Have Recently Read

I have little time to lớn read books other than school books. But l heard the story of "Ramer Sumati" written by Saratchandra Chattapadhyay from my grandpa. The story charmed me very much. Recently I managed khổng lồ have a copy of the book which I finished in a single sitting. It is entirely the story of a joint family of rural Bengal. Here are few principal characters - Ramlal, the hero, Shyamlal, his step-brother và Narayani, the wife of Shyamlal. Apart from them there are Shyamla"s son & Digambari, his mother-in-law. As Ramlal lost his mother when he was only two years and a half, Narayani, the sister-in-law brought him up with all motherly love and affection. Digambari could not tolerate the sweet relation between the two. Ramlal was very wayward & that was at the root of all problems. The ancestral trang chủ was partitioned & Ramlal was separated much khổng lồ the pain of Narayani. The author"s portrayal of the characters of Ramlal & Narayani is simply unique. Details of the book cannot be given in this short span. But everybody should go through the book whenever he gets a chance.

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A Book I Have Recently Read

I am a genuine book lover. Reading books is my passion. Whenever I get spare time I read story books, novels etc. I am a big fan of cricket as well. My father recently gifted me the autobiography of Sachin Tendulkar "Sachin Tendulkar - Playing It My Way" on my birthday. The book is really very interesting. Sachin Tendulkar is not only a great player but also has become an icon. So a chance to lớn peek into the life of such an icon is always sought after. The chapters describe all the important events of his life. The reader is bound to lớn respect the legend more after going through the book. The book not only brings out Sachin"s passion for cricket but also reveals how caring a father & gentle son he is. I will cherish the experience of reading the book forever & this will be a guide force in my life. I wish khổng lồ read it once again in future.

A Book I Have Recently Read

Miranda in "The Tempest"

Reading books is my passion. I have recently read William Shakespeare"s "The Tempest". It is the last play of the great playwright, which was written in 1611 at Stafford. Prospero was a learned man. He did not lượt thích to rule Milan as merely a Duke. His nguồn was his wisdom. His brother, Antonio, took advantage of this craving for knowledge and conspired khổng lồ drive him away from Milan with the help of the king of Naples, Alonoso.

Prospero and his daughter eventually took shelter in an alien island. It was a mystic land of which Prospero was little aware. Caliban was an evil spirit which was living in that island. Gradually, Prospero dominated Caliban & became a supreme nguồn by way of his trắng magic. Dr. Faustus of Marlowe exercised necromancy, but Prospero used his magic for the welfare of the world. Hence his magic was a boon not a bane. His daughter, Miranda, was a lovable và beautiful young lady. Caliban wanted to seduce Miranda, but in vain. At last Ferdinand, the prince of Naples, came khổng lồ the mysterious land. Miranda was very much appalled to lớn see a beautiful young man for the first time. Seeing Ferdinand, she cried out, "O brave new world." Later Miranda and Ferdinand fell in love. Prospero wanted to chạy thử Ferdinand"s devotion lớn his daughter. Ferdinand won the mind of Prospero. Using his trắng magic, Prospero taught everyone including his brother good lessons. Alonso, Antonio và Sebastian realized their misdeed. Gonzalo, who helped Prospero once to lớn escape from his cruel brother, was rewarded.

Finally, everyone was reconciled. Prospero returned khổng lồ Milan with his daughter & he freed Ariel, the spirit which helped Prospero in fulfilling his desires while living in the alien island. The happy reunion of the play implies the fact that Prospero is a major figure who by way of using his white magic helps everyone reconcile in spite of shortcomings. Honesty & goodness have been rewarded. I felt much aesthetic pleasure while reading the play. Shakespeare"s language, his style, above all, his blending of tragedy và comedy gave to my mind a soothing effect which I cannot forget ever.

A Book I Have Recently Read

Books are our best friends. Even in today"s world of internet và mobile, the importance of books cannot be ignored. I am a genuine book lover. Reading books is my passion. Whenever I get spare time I read story books, novels etc. Recently I have read Bibhutibhusan"s classic novel "Chander Pahar". I loved the book so much that I have lost count of the number of times I flipped through the book even after I had finished reading it.

The book "Chander Pahar" records the adventures of Shankar, the main character of the novel. Shankar, a young bengali boy, faces many adventures in Africa where he goes in connection with his job on the railways. He encounters many ferocious animals lượt thích lions, đen mamba etc. But the real adventure begins when Shankar accompanies Diago Alverage, a European adventurer, lớn the Kilimanjaro mountain in tìm kiếm of diamonds. In the course of the events Diago gets killed by a terrible animal called "Buniyp" & Shankar is left all alone in that unknown land of adversity và danger. But he braves it with extraordinary courage and valour.

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After a great struggle, he is saved from the desert. Shankar is the embodiment of courage. I love the character very much. I am attracted by Bibhutibhusan Bandyopadhyay"s great narrative skill. He makes the description of African jungles và Shankar"s adventures alive with his narrative skill. Author"s creativity makes Shankar"s character one of the most popular characters of Bengali literature. Whenever I read the novel, I find myself engrossed in it. My mind also travels with Shankar in the land of Africa và feels the adventure. This is why "Chander Pahar" holds such a special place in my mind.