Graph of sin x is a periodic function with period 2π. So we will draw the graph of y = sin (x) in the interval of <0,2π>. The graph of sine looks lượt thích

Step 2: As sin(0) = 0 so sine graph starts from the origin or you can say that sine graph cuts the X-axis at (0,0).And sin(π/2) = 1 which is maximum for this particular graph since the amplitude is 1 so the sine curve is up to <π/2,1>.similarly sin(3π/2) = -1 which is maximum along the negative Y-axis so the sine curve is up to lớn <3π/2,-1>.Note : For y = 2 sin x, the amplitude is 2 và sin(π/2) = 1 so the sine curve is up khổng lồ <π/2,2> on positive Y-axis and <3π/2,-2> on negative Y-axis.

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Since the sin x is an increasing function, we obtain the graph of y=sin x in the interval of <0,π/2>. We draw the graph of y = sin x by using the fact that sin(π- x) = sin x . So finally, we draw it in the interval <π,2π>, using the fact that sin(π + x) = -sin x which means that the graph of y = sin x in <π,2π> is the mirror image of the graph of y = sin x in <0,π>.

Practice on graph of sinx

1) What is the period of y = 2 sin(x).2) Write the amplitude of y = 3 sin (x).3) Draw the graph of y = 2 sin(x).11th grade math From Graph of sinx to home

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